Awakin Circle – Ahmedabad

Every Wednesday evening, a few homes leave their door ajar. People from walks of life join for a collective hour of silence and reflections. In the hour of collective silence, a few find an escapade from their daily routine to have a conversation with themselves, maybe a few others simply savour the pensive silence. Meditation in itself is hard to define.

With the humble idea of sharing a space to sit in silence with no agenda, Awakin Circle came into existence in the home of Harshida Mehta and Dinesh Mehta in San Francisco sometime in 1996 on a Wednesday.  They decided to sit for a collective silence in the evening from 7 to 8, followed by an hour of reflection and then to have dinner in silence.  Ever since then, thousands of people have found sanctuary in their home for the Wednesday evening. They expected not to bring in anything but to return the love to the world.  The seed of gratitude sown at their home went on to branch out and spread across the world to more than 80 homes till date.


With Harshida Aunty and Dinesh Uncle. Photograph by Madhusudan Agrawal

One such home in Ahmedabad is at a walking distance from the Gandhiji’s Sabarmati Ashram.   The canvas painting on the wall of the living room of 304, Sivanta Apartments reads  – You are here, You are home!   Meghna and Madhusudhan Agrawal brought the seeds of the Mehtas and planted in their home. Since 2010, Awakin Circle is being hosted at their large living room specially designed and minimally furnished to host the circle.

From May 2016, I have a been a receiver of the space hosted by Meghna di (as I affectionately call her).  Every time I sit down for meditation and at the sound of the bell when I open my eyes I see smiling faces in a certain comfort.  It seems to me we all shed our burden of emotions we carry around and go back to our basic self during that hour. The hour followed by the meditation is for reflection based on a passage. The passage is about anything related to life and philosophy of living,  so as to have a common ground for everyone to share. From an author to a psychologist to a high school boy to a chef, everyone’s reflection is unique and listening to it without being argumentive and judgemental is an experience itself.   The unique experiences that everyone pours to the circle have opened up insights to look into the world. The inter-connectedness Awakin circle has brought forward is profound and magnificent.

Some familiar faces, some strangers. Silence in unison.

To participate in the meditation in Ahmedabad or in fact any other place which hosts Awakin circle, please do RSVP the host, so that your dinner is well prepared. Find the details and more information on the web page –  Awakin Local Gatherings

Local Gatherings _
You will find a home, everywhere.




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  1. richa ptel July 25, 2018 / 8:42 am

    I must say this could be by far the best way to unite people for meditation. it can be spiritually helpful for souls around the people around the world . for more information regarding anything about Ahmedabad, visit the below mentioned website, where you can find information about places, food,
    events, humans of Ahmedabad and many more.

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