A Week in Photographs – 1 

Photographs are a visual record of the ephemeral transition of time. Each moment has essence of  its own, the meaning for us to ponder.

This weekly photo series is an attempt to preserve such tiny fractions of time and to carve meaning out of them.

The room filled up with stray conversations and heartful laughter. Strangers converged and diverged away as friends.

01.01.2018 – Andheri, Mumbai



The birds and the sun is here to stay


01.01.2018 – Borivali, Mumbai




He kept on rotating the stove to keep the fire alive,

Shuttling in between to serve tea and to collect money.

He is blessed to keep the fire alive,

Whilst we rotate our own stoves.

05.01.2018 (Tapovan Circle, Ahmedabad)


Another tea seller, casting his shadow in the city.



05.01.2018 – IIM Road, Ahmedabad




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