Parks of Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. (Part 1)

A few steps ahead from the artificial flower shops of Central Market, Lajpat Nagar on the Feroze Gandhi road, there is a cozy park. It takes a little maneuver to access the park. The park well hidden behind the street hawkers high rise display of plastic flowers and cloth masks. On the approach road, one needs to jostle the sedans. A turn along the edge of the park fence, brings to the gate of the park. A white bougainvillea greets as while entering the park. There is a only one bench under the Spanish cherry tree, perfect to devour a ice lollipop on a hot humid Sunday afternoon.

Delhiites are honking hard, the marigolds seems to be oblivious to their hurriness. They are at their own fancy at their cozy home. I kept gazing at their nonchalance until a well managed conspiracy has been hatched by marigolds and their soldiers, red ants. The ants crawled my shoes and they were on a full scale attack on my legs by the time I realized. I retaliated, rubbed away the ants from my leg ,moved away and stopped gazing at the marigolds. By now, the winner is clear. The marigolds were singing the victory song.