Rain in Kalga | Poetry

Kalga, Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

The rain poured on the tin roof at midnight.
The distance of a breath separated me,
From the rain that I have been waiting for forever.

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A Week in Photographs – 1 

Photographs are a visual record of the ephemeral transition of time. Each moment has essence of  its own, the meaning for us to ponder.

This weekly photo series is an attempt to preserve such tiny fractions of time and to carve meaning out of them.

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Awakin Circle – Ahmedabad

Every Wednesday evening, a few homes leave their door ajar. People from walks of life join for a collective hour of silence and reflections. In the hour of collective silence, a few find an escapade from their daily routine to have a conversation with themselves, maybe a few others simply savour the pensive silence. Meditation in itself is hard to define.

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Evenings at Lake Pichola, Udaipur

When the sun simmer down a bluish tinge is brushed over the Lake Pichola. Mountains at one edge and the city of the Udaipur at the other, while the magnificent Havelis turned into 5-star hotels at the centre of the lake,  the lake seems to be straight out of a fairytale.

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